Boiler/Central Heating Repair/Replacement Gas/Oil/LPG

We offer a full range of services when it comes to boiler maintenance/repair. We specialize in Worcester Bosch and Vaillant boilers but we are very happy to work on whatever model you may be having troubles with. Whether your boiler is in need of a good service, your hot water doesn’t seem to be getting as hot as it used to or you just wanted to try and make your system more efficient we could point you in the right direction! Here is a small list of the services we offer:

  • Boiler services
  • Boiler Maintenance
  • Complete repair
  • Leak repair
  • System flushing
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Dripping safety pipes
  • Slow/lower temperature hot water
  • Limescale protection
  • Limescale removal

Gas Safety Certificates/Landlord Safety Certificates Gas/Oil/LPG

When renting a property there is always checks needed to make sure the property is a safe environment to live in, included in these checks is a gas safety certificate. Gas safety certificates for rented properties are required by law. The sole purpose of a gas safety certificate is to inform the new tenant, the owner of the property and the agency/agent that everything is in safe working order, this can also give us as engineers a opportunity to check over things like the operation of the heating and hot water systems and even small things like checking all the toilets are flushing, these are all little bits we will happily do for you with no extra charge. * We offer a reduced service price with a gas safety certificate.

Gas Boiler Servicing

We offer a full service on any make or model of boiler, old or new, oil or gas or even LPG we cover it all!

Pressurised Hot Water Cylinders

Pressurised hot water has many benefits to all sorts of different end users, from a large family running 5 showers a day to a elderly couple using 2 kettles worth a day. The main benefit being you have hot stored water on demand at a reasonable pressure. most old systems are fed from a tank in your loft feeding a water tank below, the amount of pressure is defined by the height you have from the bottom of the tank in the loft to the bottom of your cylinder, in most cases this is not much therefore you never get much more than a strong trickle out of most taps. the advantage to pressurised hot water is its directly fed from the mains water supply therefore you will have a constant even pressure at all hot outlets, you may also benefit from the removal of the large tank feeding you old cylinder from the loft, never enough storage!

Full Bathroom Installation

We offer a full bathroom installation or replacement service. Some people choose to have like for like and others choose complete replacement projects, whatever suits your needs we can advise you on the best option for your requirements and help you deciding on the end finished product.

Bathroom Repairs/Maintenance

  • Constant dripping tap?
  • Toilet not flushing?
  • Mismatched taps?
  • Odd/discoloured sanitary ware?
  • Small chip in the bath/basin?

We can sort everything and more, just give us a call to see what we could do to get your bathroom back to new.

General Heating/Plumbing Maintenance

Heating systems are usually at the back of peoples mind until the winter hits, and nothing is worse than the boiler failing at this time! Boilers are very reliable but as with every reliable bit of engineering there comes flaws, these are mostly due to lack of maintenance or but sometimes it can be down to the manufacturers, whatever the case we can get your boiler back to its original full working operation usually within 24/48 hours providing parts are readily available for the model in question.

* Charges will be incurred when repairs are needed to bring gas installation up to gas safety standards or any additional works, checks and advice are free